What do current and previous clients think about working with Organic Digital?

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The following are genuine testimonials left by actual real life people on Organic Digital's Google Business Listing:

"Working with Dave on some GA4/Analytics issues for an enterprise client was a game-changer. He knows his stuff inside out and makes complex analytics stuff seem easy. Dave's super friendly and explains things in a way that actually makes sense - and super-fast at getting to the cause of a problem. Quick to respond and always ready to help more. Highly recommend Dave if you're tangled up in GA4/Analytics issues. Thanks Dave."

Peter Brady Peter Brady

"We have been so grateful to have had support from Dave and Organic Digital this year. From helping us to transition over to GA4 seamlessly to setting up customised, interactive dashboards – we have been over the moon with the service we have received. Dave is great to work with, very responsive and was always on hand to answer the (many) questions we had about the process. Thank you so much for your help!"

Annie Constable Annie Constable

"Dave was extremely helpful in setting up GA4 for our business and ensuring we were happy with all the settings and functionality. Thanks so much Dave."

Candy Warren Candy Warren

"Dave at Organic Digital has been a pleasure to work with and totally deserves this Five Star review for his superb work. He is thorough, knowledgeable, professional and refreshingly good when communicating.The audit, migration and optimisation process required to move our website to a new provider was a giant step for us but well worth it, thanks Dave! We hope to continue working with Organic Digital moving forward and we would highly recommend."

Margaret Cookson Margaret Cookson

"Really professional, swift, efficient work done really well. Excellent!"

Kat Farrants Kat Farrants

"We worked with Dave at Organic Digital to transition from UA to GA4 over a few months earlier this year and can highly recommend his services. Dave was friendly and knowledgeable and was able to rectify a number of issues with our inital GA4 setup which would have been troublesome had they not been identified. He has also made recommendations for how we could improve our tracking in the future to be more sophisticated which have been useful!"

Rebecca Hodgson Rebecca Hodgson

"Dave at Organic Digital is one of the best in the industry. I have worked with him at a couple of different companies now and his work is thorough, detailed, and great value for money. He is a pleasure to deal with and is extremely knowledgeable in tech and organic SEO best practice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services."

Matt Cadwallender Matt Cadwallender

"Been a pleasure working with Dave. He's hard working, down to earth and does a good job of explaining complicated concepts in an understandable way. He is commercially aware so takes into account what will make the biggest difference with his recommendations. Would highly recommend."

Jenny Patman Jenny Patman

"Organic Digital recently helped migrate our website analytics over to GA4. From our discussions, Dave tailored the analytics to our particular business needs, which has been invaluable. He is thorough, knowledgable and a pleasure to work with."

Yvonne Thomson Yvonne Thomson

"I recently worked with Organic Digital to migrate our website to GA4. Dave was very knowledgeable and he took the time to understand what we needed and made sure that we were getting the most out of GA4. I would definitely recommend Dave at Organic Digital to anyone who is looking to migrate to GA4."

Jayne Golden Jayne Golden

"Organic Digital configured the GA4 tracking on our 2 websites. We were very pleased with the work done and Dave was easy to deal with and very efficient. I would recommend this company."

Hector Muir Hector Muir

"Dave is a very knowledgeable and professional guy and a real pleasure to work with. He has helped with an SEO audit which was very thorough and is now making a lot of the changes required. It is enormously beneficial that he comes from a technical/software/coding background and so understands the fundamentals and means he can get to the heart of an issue. I've worked with a number of digital marketing professionals in my time and Dave is one of the best."

Richard Bond Richard Bond

"We’ve worked with Dave at Organic Digital for over a year, he has great insight and sound technical advice, clearly an experienced professional in the SEO space. His superb technical audits provided us with clear objectives and goals covering short, mid and long-term strategies that have worked extremely well for the business. There are other works in our pipeline and we will certainly be working with Dave again."

Dave Duffy Dave Duffy

"We have worked with Dave on numerous occasions to carry out an SEO audit on our three websites for the University of Newcastle (Australia). Dave has been an excellent communicator, incredibly efficient and produces exemplary work. We hope to continue working with Dave and would highly recommend!"

Ilyse Jones Ilyse Jones

"Dave recently helped us with SEO crawl issues on our site and was of great assistance."

Jack Neville Jack Neville

"Dave is a well seasoned SEO professional with great experience in his craft. He's always on hand when you have questions or require his advice and is willing to integrate into the business like another member of the team to ensure SEO can play a central role in the business strategy."

Jay Lau Jay Lau

"If you're looking for someone to help get your Analytical reporting in order, on time, to budget with a common sense approach - look no further. Dave is excellent at what he does, patient and efficient. We'll be working with him for many years to come."

Roly Peto Roly Peto

"I've worked with Dave on a GA4 project with numerous potential hurdles and he's been nothing but brilliant. Dave provides well thought-out solutions to challenges and is a fantastic communicator, sharing clear and concise instructions."

Nick Le Chat Nick Le Chat

"We've worked alongside Dave at Organic Digital to deploy GA4 tracking on our custom Shopify Plus store for Tatti Lashes. Dave is very knowledgeable in all areas of Google Analytics and has been a pleasure to work with."

Dave Speake Dave Speake

"Dave has been a good resource to call on when looking to get analytics accounts setup and configured to track all our specified events and goals. His technical knowledge helps us setup our sites with a solid foundation for organic performance and reporting."

Gary Butterworth Gary Butterworth

"Dave has been excellent to work with. He's helped us with a number of conversion tracking projects across various platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Pinterest & LinkedIn. He's very knowledgeable and he always finds solutions to our problems. I would highly recommend working with Dave."

Anna Allsop Anna Allsop

"Dave is super easy to work with - he's fast to respond to any query I might have, knows his stuff, is thorough and proactive. It's a pleasure working with him."

Liz Walmsley Liz Walmsley

"Dave helped us get our website into shape and SEO friendly. His technical knowledge is to a very high level which is essential to achieving success in the fast changing world of Search Marketing."

Imran Farooq Imran Farooq

"We have been working with Organic Digital for over a year now and have nothing but high praise for the quality and detail of the SEO technical audits.

We specifically enjoy the rationale included in the reports on the 'why' each audit area is important, as well as easy-to-follow recommendations that can be passed directly onto the digital and or development team to implement.

Since implementing Organic Digital's SEO updates we have also seen a lift in SEO performance aligned to delivering objectives.

We highly recommend Organic Digital"

Jon Rayner Jon Rayner

"I first worked with Dave at Organic Digital six years ago when he was the SEO Lead at a Manchester-based Digital Marketing agency. During that time I was Head of Marketing at an international hotel chain and using experts like Dave was a key driver for e-commerce success in a crowded marketplace.

Moving on to today, I now run a successful Digital Marketing agency and still use Dave at Organic Digital for all client SEO work. Dave's knowledge of the industry, thoroughness and no-nonsense approach is always a breath of fresh air in an industry that loves smoke and mirrors! Dave understands how to be successful in a Digital Marketing world “If you can't find it or track it, it's not worth doing”"

Dave Double Dave Double

"Dave from Organic Digital helped us after a re-design of our website had resulted in a drop in traffic and enquiries. He provided a flexible audit of our website to identify the issues and reasons for the problems we were encountering and provided a comprehensive report with recommendations for solutions and enhancements to the site. He went on to implement the recommendations swiftly and effectively. The outcomes have been excellent, our website is now ranking much higher in search results, which has had a positive impact on the number of enquiries and leads the website is generating. Dave was friendly, organised and thorough and explained technical issues in an accessible way that I was able to understand. I would definitely enlist his services again and would recommend to other business owners."

Natalie James Natalie James

"Dave is really easy to work with, knows his stuff and most importantly delivers results. Would highly recommend."

Ryan Barton Ryan Barton

"Organic Digital did some Google Analytics Tracking conversion to enable my client to have a better understanding of the customer journey on their website and increase website conversions. The work was undertaken quickly and to a high standard, I would highly recommend."

Liz Longwill Liz Longwill

"Heritage Parts Centre started working with Dave at Organic Digital mid-2020, presenting to him a number of challenges following a website migration earlier in the year. What Dave provided saw a number of quick wins (that quickly and drastically stabilised our organic traffic), and subsequently worked through some more strategic technical SEO optimisations that has seen a tremendous improvement in our SEO performance. It has been refreshing to work with Dave who have been genuinely excited by the unique challenges that our market presents, and look forward to continue our work with him. His direct, professional, pragmatic and creative problem solving and optimisation methods continue to make a positive difference to our business, and I recommend him highly."

Rob Tickner Rob Tickner

"Dave is an excellent person to deal with, he offered tremendous support during our recent website migration and his thorough and knowledgeable support meant that we quickly saw significant improvements in search rankings. His ongoing support and detailed reporting provide insight and guidance as we continue to make improvements to performance."

Brian McArdle Brian McArdle

"Dave is a pleasure to work with. He's helped us to gain visibility and maintain it, securing a steady increase in organic traffic to the site overall, and ensuring excellent results for one-off campaigns. His knowledge of SEO is so extensive and his optimisations have kept us at the top of searches consistently. I'd highly recommend!"

Fiona King Fiona King

"Has incredible technical SEO knowledge. Translates his knowledge in to easy manageable steps for any E-retailer or developer to follow. Concise, precise and the most knowledgeable SEO technician I have worked with ."

Morag Davidson Morag Davidson

"Dave offered comprehensive advice on our re-platforming to Magento 2. He carried out the work efficiently, responded to all my queries and provided our web developers with clear instruction on how to perform the changes he required. We've seen a steady increase in our Organic Traffic as a result of his work."

Paul Atherton Paul Atherton

"Dave's technical knowledge is fantastic and he has been instrumental in our organic success. I highly recommend his services."

Dan Timcke Dan Timcke

"CE Safety, have worked with Dave at Organic Digital for 18 months. The quality of the work is brilliant. Organic digital have carried out most of the technicsl work on the website. The work includes; Audits, AMP implementation, Site speed improvements, Structured data implementation & general improvements across the site - We know have rich snippets picked up by google as a result.
The work has been completed on time, at a fair price (not the silly prices some agencies charge for technical SEO). Dave is probably the best technical person we have worked with, both agency and freelancers. What initially attracted us, was reading his excellent (but not frequent) technical SEO posts on linkedin. What we have learnt along the way, is Organic Digital work with an unusual mix of clients, from vey large to small businesses, and we have benefited from Dave approaching us to suggest things that Organic digitals other clients have successfully tried.
Daves agency background has helped when working with our digital PR partners. Need to give downsides for balance, but struggling to think of any.
To summarise, using Organic Digital for our technical SEO, is like employing a top digital agency technical department, but at a fraction of the cost and with excellent communication. He works on our technical SEO to a very high standard and works very well in collaboration with other SEO third parties we use for non technical SEO."

Gary Ellis Gary Ellis

"We have worked closely with Dave as one of our key partners for a number of years. His knowledge and experience in SEO and site migrations is second to none. Highly recommend Dave as an extension to your digital marketing team."

Andy Venables Andy Venables

"Dave is a pleasure to work with and has a very impressive knowledge of SEO. His background as a developer has meant he's able to give insights that allow devs to get to work and get the changes implemented fast. His documentation also help make sense of the sometimes confusing world that is SEO."

Amy Broadfoot Amy Broadfoot

"Have been working with Dave for 6 months now and very impressed with the technical SEO work that he has carried out particularly around GTM. His reports and roadmap are clear and concise and the work is returning good results."

Barney Dines Barney Dines

"I'm not a techy person, I'm just a small business owner learning how to do techy things, and blogs like Organic Digital help me progress and jump beyond the average user level. Thanks for all your work!"

Marta Laurent Veciana Marta Laurent Veciana

"Organic Digital has done some great work for We Are Indigo"

Gemma Krysko Gemma Krysko

"Dave's expertise in technical SEO is amongst the best. His approach is methodical, logical and lays out a roadmap to success. Unlike previously used SEOs, Dave is empathetic to our audience and works with the business like an extended team member. It's so much more than an audit."

Jamie Sellars Jamie Sellars

"Dave was excellent in assisting us with a website migration, providing all the technical support we needed and more. He made everything easy to understand and helped with ongoing recommendations for further development. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone."

Katie Hope Katie Hope

"Dave has been an excellent partner to work with. He is very responsive and offers clear and intelligent advice. He has helped us with a rebrand and domain change including migrating old content and maintaining links. We would recommend him to any organisation looking for a trusted partner in SEO management"

Sarah Beeston Sarah Beeston

"Dave was available at short notice to support us at Banc when we needed to fill some Technical SEO resource gaps. He worked diligently and efficiently with a pleasant manner. He communicated well and has a professional understanding of work briefs. His technical knowledge was considered very high. We will no doubt utilise Dave's skillset again in the future."

Martin Cozens Martin Cozens

"Dave has outstanding technical knowledge and is refreshingly straight forward and easy to work with. The SEO audit and work he did for one for my customers resulted in significant improvements to their site."

Nic Whelan Nic Whelan

"Dave is of great help and he really helped our business. Would recommend"

Archie Scarborough Archie Scarborough

"Dave is incredibly easy to work with and explains all things tech very clearly. No question is a stupid question and he works hard to make you understand the ins and outs of SEO. He has made recommendations which have vastly improved the websites he's worked on. He is my go to SEO specialist and I would highly recommend working with him."

Aisha Riaz Aisha Riaz

"Dave's SEO knowledge and experience is top notch. He provides clearly defined actionable insights with proven results of increasing organic search visibility. Always professional and a pleasure to work with."

Joe Turner Joe Turner

"Very pleased with the service offered by David of Organic Digital. He worked very diligently, using a variety of tools to evaluate our existing site, and produced a comprehensive report of recommendations. He assisted us to implement the fixes and improvements to grow our organic search traffic significantly. I would highly recommend Organic Digital for SEO services."

Andrew Haslam Andrew Haslam

"Dave is always easy to work with and delivers a great service. Very well recommended to get results."

Stuart Reeves Stuart Reeves

"Dave's knowledge and experience are a welcomed extension to any digital team looking to understand, measure and improve organic performance. Highly recommended."

Ben Gray Ben Gray

"Great service and a very detailed audit. Would highly recommend!"

Stephen Elldred Stephen Elldred

"Dave has provided support on a few clients I work with and I cannot recommend him highly enough. His technical audits are comprehensive and clear - and he has worked to tight deadlines, even joining conference calls to talk through problems / solutions he has identified directly to clients. Not only this, but he is personable and professional and nothing seems too much trouble - which is great when dealing with someone like me (who is not technically minded!)"

Rebecca Boone Rebecca Boone

"Dave recently performed a technical SEO audit for one of our clients, and we cannot recommend him enough. The audit was exactly what we were looking for, clear and concise, and his help and guidance throughout it all was fabulous. We would never hesitate to use Dave again, and we know he is still on hand to help with anything we might need."

Sarah Power Sarah Power

"Dave is a highly talented and professional practitioner. We've worked together on a number of projects, and he's always been reliable and knowledgeable."

Kayley Dempsey Kayley Dempsey

"Dave is a consummate professional, true to his word and completely lacking in any SEO smoke and mirrors. His technical knowledge and no nonsense approach make him a perfect partner for technical SEO projects."

Nancy Dykins Nancy Dykins

"We have worked with Dave on a few occasions now and his technical SEO audits are spot on. Would highly recommend."

Oliver Lees Oliver Lees

"Great knowledge and always a reliable service."

Carl Phillips Carl Phillips

"Great service from Dave and look forward to working with Organic Digital in years to come."

James Dudley James Dudley

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