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Is Wordpress SEO Friendly?

By default, Wordpress is a blogging platform, not an SEO tool.

If you use Wordpress straight out of the box with no consideration for SEO, you will most likely end up with a lot of on site and on page issues that will dilute site quality and hinder your site's organic performance.

Without any SEO knowledge or expert guidance, as you install themes, create pages and add content you will more than likely create a lot of thin and near duplicate content, bloat your site code and slow down your site's speed - all of which will adversely affect your organic performance.

To maximise your organic visibility these issues should be resolved and prevented from re-occurring as your site continues to grow.

What Is The Best Way To Optimise A Wordpress Site?

There are a number of areas that can be optimised via basic Wordpress settings and a best practice SEO approach, such as:

  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Site taxonomy (i.e. category and tag pages)
  • Site and page visibility settings
  • Internal Linking & Breadcrumbs
  • Canonical Domain Configuration

Following this, for the more technical aspects there are plugins and themes available which will help with:

  • XML Sitemap configuration
  • Site Speed
  • Image Compression
  • HTTPS Migrations and Site Security
  • Mobile Friendly and Responsive Templates
  • .htaccess and robots.txt File Amends

There will also may be a requirement to edit your site's template and files directly, which can is possible via the Appearance Editor. And then there is always Google Tag Manager which can be used when your installation's functionality doesn't quite do what you need it to.

The good news is, most Wordpress installations can be fully optimised via plugins and template editing without the need for extensive or expensive development work. Also, if by chance you're Wordpress site does already have a lot of SEO issues they will be relatively easy and quick to resolve.

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