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With over two decades of experience in web development and SEO, I offer unparalleled WordPress SEO consultancy services to elevate your website's organic visibility. I work meticulously to ensure your WordPress installation is fully configured and coded for maximum visibility, harnessing the potential of your online presence to its fullest extent.

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Is WordPress SEO-Friendly?

Initially, WordPress started as a blogging platform and it doesn't come with built-in SEO features. If you venture into using WordPress without a nuanced approach to SEO, you may encounter numerous on-site and on-page issues that diminish site quality and hamper your site's organic performance.

To ensure steady organic visibility and growth, it's imperative to tackle these issues head-on and prevent them from resurfacing as your site progresses.

The Optimal Approach to WordPress Site Optimization

To truly unlock WordPress's potential, I adopt a meticulous approach to SEO. Initially, this involves tweaking basic WordPress settings and employing best SEO practices, including:

Crafting SEO-friendly URLs
  • Establishing a well-structured site taxonomy (embracing category and tag pages)
  • Fine-tuning site and page visibility settings
  • Establishing effective internal linking and integrating breadcrumbs
  • Implementing canonical domain configuration
  • For tackling more technical aspects, I utilize plugins and themes that assist with:

    • XML sitemap configuration
    • Enhancing site speed
    • Image compression
    • Overseeing HTTPS migrations and securing the site
    • Crafting mobile-friendly and responsive templates
    • Modifying .htaccess and robots.txt files

    Additionally, I can directly edit your site's template and files through the Appearance Editor. When necessary, I employ Google Tag Manager to enhance your installation's functionalities to meet specific requirements.

    Why Consider My WordPress SEO Services?

    My unique advantage stems from my extensive background in development. Not only can I pinpoint issues during the audit, but I can also directly implement necessary changes, either through plugins or code modifications. If there's a situation where changes cannot be managed internally, I communicate effectively with your developers to ensure smooth and accurate implementations without any fuss.

    Take comfort in knowing that most WordPress setups can be fully optimized with plugins and template adjustments, avoiding the need for expensive development efforts. Plus, if your WordPress site currently has SEO issues, I can resolve them quickly and easily, paving the way for an increase in organic visibility.

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    Or carry on to read testimonials from clients who used these specific services

    Recent Testimonials For My Wordpress SEO Consultancy Services

    The following are genuine testimonials left by actual real life people on Organic Digital's Google Business Listing in relation to my Wordpress services. To read more, visit the testimonials page.

    "Dave has been a good resource to call on when looking to get analytics accounts setup and configured to track all our specified events and goals. His technical knowledge helps us setup our sites with a solid foundation for organic performance and reporting."

    Gary Butterworth Gary Butterworth

    "Dave helped us get our website into shape and SEO friendly. His technical knowledge is to a very high level which is essential to achieving success in the fast changing world of Search Marketing."

    Imran Farooq Imran Farooq

    "Dave from Organic Digital helped us after a re-design of our website had resulted in a drop in traffic and enquiries. He provided a flexible audit of our website to identify the issues and reasons for the problems we were encountering and provided a comprehensive report with recommendations for solutions and enhancements to the site. He went on to implement the recommendations swiftly and effectively. The outcomes have been excellent, our website is now ranking much higher in search results, which has had a positive impact on the number of enquiries and leads the website is generating. Dave was friendly, organised and thorough and explained technical issues in an accessible way that I was able to understand. I would definitely enlist his services again and would recommend to other business owners."

    Natalie James Natalie James

    "Dave is a pleasure to work with. He's helped us to gain visibility and maintain it, securing a steady increase in organic traffic to the site overall, and ensuring excellent results for one-off campaigns. His knowledge of SEO is so extensive and his optimisations have kept us at the top of searches consistently. I'd highly recommend!"

    Fiona King Fiona King

    "CE Safety, have worked with Dave at Organic Digital for 18 months. The quality of the work is brilliant. Organic digital have carried out most of the technicsl work on the website. The work includes; Audits, AMP implementation, Site speed improvements, Structured data implementation & general improvements across the site - We know have rich snippets picked up by google as a result.
    The work has been completed on time, at a fair price (not the silly prices some agencies charge for technical SEO). Dave is probably the best technical person we have worked with, both agency and freelancers. What initially attracted us, was reading his excellent (but not frequent) technical SEO posts on linkedin. What we have learnt along the way, is Organic Digital work with an unusual mix of clients, from vey large to small businesses, and we have benefited from Dave approaching us to suggest things that Organic digitals other clients have successfully tried.
    Daves agency background has helped when working with our digital PR partners. Need to give downsides for balance, but struggling to think of any.
    To summarise, using Organic Digital for our technical SEO, is like employing a top digital agency technical department, but at a fraction of the cost and with excellent communication. He works on our technical SEO to a very high standard and works very well in collaboration with other SEO third parties we use for non technical SEO."

    Gary Ellis Gary Ellis

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