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Find out how your website is performing organically - see what's working, and what isn't

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Why Analyse Organic Performance?

Having a well optimised website and a great organic search strategy is critical for improving your organic search traffic, but how do you know if the work you have put into your site and strategy have been a success?

Whether you have already started a digital marketing campaign, or are about to embark on one, it is critical that you are able to benchmark your current position so as to demonstrate that what you do next will improve your site, or to understand what needs to be done to strengthen the current position of your site against your competitors.

Gone are the days of merely producing a ranking report to demonstrate organic growth - what is the point of being #1 for a keyword if it doesn't drive any traffic?

A contemporary organic search campaign/project needs to go further and be able to provide valuable insight into it's how it has contributed to your overall digital marketing strategy, objectives and aims.

How Can Organic Digital Help?

Your site's organic performance can be analysed and assessed as part of an ongoing optimisation project, or as a one off piece of work. In either case, an audit would be carried out that would determine your current position in terms of:

  • Overall organic keyword reach
  • Current impressions, clicks and click through rate performance
  • Keyword rankings
  • Which search terms currently drive traffic, and which don't
  • Which pages currently drive traffic, and which don't
  • How your site competes in the SERPs in terms of natural results, maps, snippets, news, video etc.
  • International reach, if applicable
  • Domain strength and link profile

As well as providing insights into your site's current performance, I will also advise what you need to do to your website to improve it's performance, and how this feeds into a multi channel strategy.

Find out how your competitors are performing

In addition to providing insight into your own current performance, I can analyse the competition to gain insight into how they perform within your site's niche.

If you are frustrated as to why your competitors outrank you across various search terms, I can identify why this and help towards a strategy to rectify this.

Find out how your site compares to your competitors in terms of:

  • Rankings & keyword reach
  • Domain strength and link profile
  • Site speed
  • Key elements relating to on site optimisation

All the above insights can be provided as a one off peice of work, or as a monthly snapshot as part of an ongoing organic optimisation campaign.

Bespoke Periodic Reporting

I can also create a bespoke report tailored towards your organic and overall digital campaigns which pulls in key metrics into one report from a number of sources such as:

  • Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads / Insights / Business Manager
  • LinkedIn Ads / Pages
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Keyword Tracking Software
  • Any internal data you are able to export to CSV

An example of this report, using my site's data can be seen below, or via this link.

Monthly Report Dashboard

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