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Why Is Site Speed Important?

The speed of your site is important for two reasons:

  1. Users don't like slow websites, even a one second delay can result in visitors leaving the site in search of a faster experience, whilst 40% of people will move on if it takes more than 3 seconds to load (follow this link for more stats on user conversion relating to speed)
  2. Search engines don't like slow websites, with Google first announcing site speed as a ranking factor back in 2010, whilst since July 2018, mobile page speed has been used as a mobile ranking factor

Whilst users should always come first, Google don't often confirm any of it's 200+ ranking factors, therefore when they do, it's important to take note.

Not only does site speed affect your user engagement and organic performance, it also affects your site's crawl budget.

What could be slowing your site down?

There are a number of factors that may be contributing to a slow site experience, such as:

  • A slow server
  • Large images
  • Code quality
  • File compression (or lack of)
  • 3rd party scripts

How do you speed your site up?

There are a number of solutions available for almost every aspect of improving your site speed ranging from a few lines of code to implementing a content delivery network to serve images and key files. Common solutions include:

  • Image compression to reduce file size without compromising quality
  • Removal of redundant code
  • Minification of CSS, JavaScript and HTML to reduce file size
  • GZIP Compression to reduce file size across all assets before download
  • Browser caching so users only need to download key site assets once

Whatever the configuration of your site, Organic Digital can identify the elements that are slowing your site down and apply fixes to increase site speed across all devices.

How Can Organic Digital Help?

The audit process will benchmark your website's current site speed performance and identify any issues and opportunities to make your website faster at server, site and page level.

The recommendations can then be implemented either by editing key site files and code directly, via installing and configuring plugins on Wordpress and Magento platforms, providing your developers with the files and direction required to implement changes, and by working closely alongside them to determine what can can can't be done in the short and long term (and then challenging them to find a solution for anything that "can't be done").

Useful Site Speed Optimisation Resources

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