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Why Should You Consider International SEO?

If your website attracts, or has the potential to attract, high organic search volumes from around the globe, you may want to consider an international SEO strategy to ensure you have maximum visibility.

And once your visitors are on your site, you need to offer them the best experience in their native tongue to ensure the best UX and conversion rate possible.

International SEO is not a quick win, it will require time and effort to translate content and then configure your website(s) to ensure the users are seeing the correct version of your site in their local search results.

However, if done correctly, the ROI can make it worthwhile and in many cases it will provide an opportunity to get ahead of the competition whilst expanding your site's global footprint.

How do your determine if there is a requirement for International SEO?

By delving into your analytics and search console data, you are able to determine:

  • Countries and languages which already generate organic traffic visits to your site
  • The keywords and content that generates traffic in each country
  • The click through and conversion rate of visitors from each country

From this data, you can then determine the competition and potential increases in traffic and returns if your site is configured globally, or on a country by country basis.

How do you optimise your site for International SEO?

There are a number of ways to set up your website for global SEO. The most important consideration is whether you host your multi-lingual / geo-targeted content:

  • On separate top level domains, e.g.
  • On separate subdomains domains, e.g.
  • On one domain in sub folders e.g.

Each approach has pros and cons, whilst your existing website CMS / functionality may mean one approach is far more preferable to the others in terms of development resource required. Whichever approach is taken, you then need to carry out:

  • Full translation of all content and key page elements where applicable
  • Geo-targeting and configuring each language site within Google & Bing Search Consoles
  • Correct implementation of alternate language tags to ensure the correct pages are served in local search results. These are particulary important for resolving duplicate content issues when the languages are the same/similar - e.g. UK, USA and Australia

How Can Organic Digital Help?

I have experience in optimising websites for global SEO and language targeting and can assist with any aspect of getting your site ready for multi-lingual audiences. Whilst the above is a top level "quick" guide to International SEO the reality of optimising for global search is anything but quick and easy, however, it should give you an idea of what will be required of your site to compete organically the world over.

Useful Resources

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