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An SEO Audit Being Carried Out

Why would a website need an SEO Audit?

There are a number of reasons why your website may need an audit, such as:

  • It’s brand new and never been optimised
  • You have seen a decrease in search engine traffic but are unable to determine why
  • You have launched a new website and it’s not performing as well as it did previously
  • A Google update has adversely impacted your traffic
  • You’ve never had you site audited before
  • You are creating content and acquiring high authority backlinks but it’s not impacting your organic performance as you would expect

What is an SEO Audit?

Every Organic Digital project starts with an audit and benchmark of web performance metrics. An SEO audit will give insight into your website's current organic performance by assessing areas such as:

  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager Configuration
  • If the site is at risk from a manual or algorithmic penalty
  • Crawl Rate & Indeation Performanceq
  • If the site has duplicate, low quality or thin content issues
  • On page optimisation of key page elements both site wide and on individual pages
  • Schema Mark Up Implementation issues and opportunities
  • Site speed on mobile and desktop
  • Local and International SEO configuration where applicable
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Domain authority and external back link audit

By identifying technical & on page issues and opportunities with your current website optimisation and configuration, I can look to improve the above areas which in turn will lead to an increase in organic search traffic and conversion.

This is a tried and tested process that, over several years of continual refinement, has led to improved performance across a number of websites in range of competitive niches.

There are over 100 checkpoints which then give your site an overall organic performance score:

Organic Search Performance Score

No matter how your site scores, the audit process will help get your website on track and in the best position possible to compete for page 1 rankings and traffic, whatever your niche.

It will also help you understand the factors that affect your site’s search engine performance and assist you with your overall digital strategy moving forward.

What are the benefits?

  • Insights into your website's current organic performance
  • Get a better understanding of the various factors that are influencing your website's rankings
  • Helps your website achieve it's full potential

What is involved?

With access to Google Analytics and Search Console data, along with a number of site analysis tools, the audit follows a checklist that looks at every aspect of your website in terms of technical optimisation and existing organic performance to determine the steps required to get your site performing to its full potential.

The audit and remdial process cover the following areas of Technical SEO and optimsiation to demonstrate where your website can be enhanced:

What happens once the audit is complete?

Once an audit is complete, you will receive a report that shows how your site is currently performing, what issues are currently in place, why these are having a negative impact, top level recommendations on how to resolve them and the impact that doing so will have.

You can then take this report and get the actions implemented by a 3rd party such as your developers, or I can assist where possible by carrying out the optimisation work on your site for you. My experience in both website development and optimisation means you can be confident that the work will be implemented according to best practice SEO standards.

Following implementation, depending on the scope of the work required, I will carry out periodic checks on your site’s performance to ensure the work carried out has a positive impact in relation to the performance metrics and in turn organic traffic, and that there are no further issues.

Useful SEO Audit Resources

If you want to find out more about SEO audits, the following resources are a good starting point, alternatively, if you want any assistance fill in the contact form below:


The following are genuine testimonials left by actual real life people on Organic Digital's Google Business Listing in relation to my SEO Audits. To read more, visit the testimonials page.

"Dave's expertise in technical SEO is amongst the best. His approach is methodical, logical and lays out a roadmap to success. Unlike previously used SEOs, Dave is empathetic to our audience and works with the business like an extended team member. It's so much more than an audit."

Jamie Sellars Jamie Sellars

"Dave has outstanding technical knowledge and is refreshingly straight forward and easy to work with. The SEO audit and work he did for one for my customers resulted in significant improvements to their site."

Nic Whelan Nic Whelan

"Dave has provided support on a few clients I work with and I cannot recommend him highly enough. His technical audits are comprehensive and clear - and he has worked to tight deadlines, even joining conference calls to talk through problems / solutions he has identified directly to clients. Not only this, but he is personable and professional and nothing seems too much trouble - which is great when dealing with someone like me (who is not technically minded!)"

Rebecca Boone Rebecca Boone

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