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Is Magento Good For SEO?

Whilst Magento is the most popular open source eCommerce platform and is generally SEO friendly, if you use Magento straight out of the box with no consideration for SEO you are likely to face crawling and indexing issues that will dilute site quality and hinder your site's organic performance.

For example, a number of eCommerce websites implement search filters to allow users to sort through product categories to find what they are looking for. Whilst this is good for UX, it often results in 000s of variants of top level category page where the content is near identical, which in turn dilutes the category pages' ability to rank for key terms.

Other common Magento SEO issues include:

  • Duplicate product page content when items are listed in more than one category, e.g.
  • Multiple URLs configurations for the same product, e.g.
  • Out of stock products indexed
  • Misconfigured XML sitemaps listing deleted categories and products
  • Unoptimised images
  • Slow site speed
  • Unoptimised robots.txt leading inefficient site crawls

How To Improve SEO On Magento

It is possible to edit the most basic of SEO elements within Magento either via the CMS or the category and product editors. There are also plugins available such as CreareSEO which will help you implement more advanced features such as structured data.

Many Magento installations become quite bespoke over time via 3rd party development and as such may incur high development costs to fully optimise. Therefore it is often preferable to implement a number of technical site changes via Google Tag Manager.

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