Keyword Research

Ensure each page on your website targets unique, traffic driving keywords

Keywords being researched

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is carried out to ensure your website's key landing pages are targeting the terms which your potential visitors/customers are searching for. By carrying out extensive keyword research, you are able figure out:

  • What terms your site's page should be targeting
  • How popular they are in terms of monthly search volumes
  • How competitive they are
  • Where you currently rank
  • Your current performance in terms of position, traffic and click through rate
  • What you need to do to improve performance across a wide range of relevant terms

How important is keyword research?

When done properly, it is vitally important in not only driving relevant traffic to your site, but also traffic which converts.

It is amongst the key fundamental tasks of SEO - what is the point in having a fast, crawlable, content rich, user friendly site if it is not driving the right sort of traffic?

Whether you have a strong established site which is able to compete on high volume, competitive terms, or are just starting out and can only realistically target low volume, low hanging fruit - without finding out what it is your potential visitors are searching for when they look for your content/products/services, then any organic search project is destined to fail, or at least feel like a massive let down.

As one of the fundamental foundations of a highly optimised website, you can be confident that once keyword research has been carried out, and your site has been optimised accordingly that whatever you do next to increase the authority of the site, it will be in a position to drive good quality, relevant traffic.

It really can be the difference between lots of search traffic, and none at all.

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