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Optmise your site for multiple languages and global audiences.

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Why Consider International SEO?

Reaching a global audience goes beyond mere translation. With potential customers around the world, your site needs a strategic international SEO plan to ensure visibility across different regions and languages.

When your visitors land on your site, the experience should resonate with them in their native language, boosting UX and conversion rates. It's not about quick wins; it's about long-term strategies that expand your global footprint while offering a competitive edge.

Determining the Need for International SEO

By diving deep into your analytics and search console data, I can identify:

  • Countries and languages currently driving organic traffic to your site.
  • Content and keywords that resonate in specific regions.
  • Conversion efficiencies by region.

This data paints a clear picture of where there's potential for international growth and the competitive landscape in those regions.

How to Implement International SEO

There are multiple strategies to roll out an international site:

  • Separate top-level domains (e.g.,, .fr, .de)
  • Distinct subdomains (e.g.,,
  • Unified domain with subfolders (e.g.,,

While each strategy has its merits, your current CMS and desired growth trajectory might make one more appealing than the others. After choosing the approach, the steps involve:

  • Comprehensive content translation and localization.
  • Specific geo-targeting in Google & Bing Search Consoles.
  • Implementation of alternate language tags, ensuring the right content appears in local search results and resolving potential duplicate content issues.

Personalised International SEO Consulting

Having spearheaded various international SEO projects, I understand the intricacies of tailoring websites for global audiences. While the overview here provides a snapshot of the process, the real magic lies in the details. International SEO isn't just about translation – it's about understanding cultural nuances, search behaviors, and regional competition. With my expertise, your website can effectively reach and resonate with audiences worldwide.

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Recent Testimonials For My International SEO Consultancy & Services

The following are genuine testimonials left by actual real life people on Organic Digital's Google Business Listing in relation to my International SEO Expertise. To read more, visit the testimonials page.

"Dave is a very knowledgeable and professional guy and a real pleasure to work with. He has helped with an SEO audit which was very thorough and is now making a lot of the changes required. It is enormously beneficial that he comes from a technical/software/coding background and so understands the fundamentals and means he can get to the heart of an issue. I've worked with a number of digital marketing professionals in my time and Dave is one of the best."

Richard Bond Richard Bond

"Dave is a well seasoned SEO professional with great experience in his craft. He's always on hand when you have questions or require his advice and is willing to integrate into the business like another member of the team to ensure SEO can play a central role in the business strategy."

Jay Lau Jay Lau

"Heritage Parts Centre started working with Dave at Organic Digital mid-2020, presenting to him a number of challenges following a website migration earlier in the year. What Dave provided saw a number of quick wins (that quickly and drastically stabilised our organic traffic), and subsequently worked through some more strategic technical SEO optimisations that has seen a tremendous improvement in our SEO performance. It has been refreshing to work with Dave who have been genuinely excited by the unique challenges that our market presents, and look forward to continue our work with him. His direct, professional, pragmatic and creative problem solving and optimisation methods continue to make a positive difference to our business, and I recommend him highly."

Rob Tickner Rob Tickner

"Have been working with Dave for 6 months now and very impressed with the technical SEO work that he has carried out particularly around GTM. His reports and roadmap are clear and concise and the work is returning good results."

Barney Dines Barney Dines

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