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Technical SEO Work Being Done

What Is Technical SEO?

The primary aim of technical SEO is to ensure your website can be easily found, crawled and understood by search engines. It's about making sure your website – and all its URLs, page elements & content – are in the best possible shape, so it's simple for a search engine to crawl, understand & index.

It also focuses on the performance of your website – for both users and search engines. This includes making sure the speed is up to scratch and the schema mark-up is all correct, as well as identifying any issues with duplicate content and internal linking.

Another key area of technical SEO is device optimisation, making sure your website runs smoothly on every kind of device, with a particular focus on mobile usability and, in some cases, accelerated mobile pages (AMP).

Combining Technical Work With Traditional SEO

For technical SEO to be most effective, it should be combined with traditional SEO services as well. This way, you're improving your website's performance and enhancing its organic visibility to get more traffic to it.

There's no sense in trying to improve your keyword reach if search engines don't think your website is up to scratch, because you won't rank as highly as you should. And if you're putting the effort into maximising your website's performance, you'll also want to ensure as many people as possible are able to find it.

How I Can Improve Your Website

By completing technical consultancy work in conjunction with traditional SEO, you'll be putting your website in the strongest possible position.

With an audit, implementation and post implementation snapshots and analysis, I can highlight the issues your website has, set benchmarks for improvements and start making the changes that have the biggest impact.

I can then continually monitor and improve the performance and health of your website, to ensure optimal results at all times.

Key Services & Areas of Expertise

Supporting Other Digital Marketing Disciplines

Traditional and Technical SEO is just one part of the approach you'll need to take to have a successful, effective website.

There are several other disciplines which play a role in website performance, visibility and conversion.

I specialise solely in the technical and optimisation side of digital marketing, but work closely with a range of other specialists, each an expert in their field of:

  • Content Writing & Marketing
  • Link Building, Outreach & PR
  • PPC
  • Social
  • Digital Strategy


The following are genuine testimonials left by actual real life people on Organic Digital's Google Business Listing in relation to my freelance SEO services & consultancy. To read more, visit the testimonials page.

"Has incredible technical SEO knowledge. Translates his knowledge in to easy manageable steps for any E-retailer or developer to follow. Concise, precise and the most knowledgeable SEO technician I have worked with ."

Morag Davidson Morag Davidson

"Dave's technical knowledge is fantastic and he has been instrumental in our organic success. I highly recommend his services."

Dan Timcke Dan Timcke

"Very pleased with the service offered by David of Organic Digital. He worked very diligently, using a variety of tools to evaluate our existing site, and produced a comprehensive report of recommendations. He assisted us to implement the fixes and improvements to grow our organic search traffic significantly. I would highly recommend Organic Digital for SEO services."

Andrew Haslam Andrew Haslam

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