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A Rough Guide To: 30x Redirect Codes

6th June 2023 - Reading Time: 11 minutes

A Rough Guide To: 30x Redirect Codes

If you are a website owner, SEO or developer, you will have heard of 30x redirects. But what exactly are they and why are they important?

How To: Convert And Redirect Uppercase URL Characters To Lowercase

9th May 2023 - Reading Time: 2 minutes

uppercase and lowercase letters

Find out how to redirect a set of URLs which contain upper case characters using .HTACCESS, NGINX or IIS server configs.

How To: Redirect A URL To Remove A Directory or Folder Name

23rd April 2023 - Reading Time: 3 minutes

301 redirect

Find out how to redirect a set of URLs with the same directory appended using either .HTACCESS, NGINX or IIS server configs

How To: Find Out If Your Sites URLs Are Being Crawled & Indexed by Google

28th January 2021 - Reading Time: 14 minutes

Search Engine Spider

If key pages on your site, or indeed your whole site, are not showing up in search, you may have technical issues preventing search engines crawling and indexing your site.

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