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My First Public Speaking Gig At #MancSEO

14th November 2019 - Reading Time: 2 minutes

Public Speaking At MancSEO

I recently did my first public speaking gig at MancSEO, a quarterly meet up for North West based SEO and digital folk

How To: Implement Meta Data on Hashbang URLs using GTM

13th October 2019 - Reading Time: 4 minutes


Some websites are configured in a way that serves duplicate content and meta data which you cannot change via the CMS, such as AJAX generated content on hashbang URLs. However, Google Tag Manager allows you to amend these so the changes will get indexed.

How To: Track PDF Downloads in Analytics Using Google Tag Manager

12th August 2019 - Reading Time: 4 minutes

Source Code

Track downloads of PDFs (and any other file type) on your site with ease using Google Tag Manager variables, tags and triggers.

How To: Check If Your Staging Site Is Indexed By Google

31st July 2019 - Reading Time: 9 minutes

Someone Who Has Just Realised Their Test Site Is Indexed

One of the most common development issues in relation to SEO is when your test or staging site gets indexed. Find out how to spot if it is indexed, and how to fix and prevent it from happening.

How To: Implement Robots Noindex Tag With Google Tag Manager

18th July 2019 - Reading Time: 5 minutes

Robots Tutorial

Technical SEO changes can often be difficult to implement without developer support. Use Google Tag Manager to add code such as robots meta tags to a website with ease.

How To: Implement Breadcrumb List Schema Mark Up (And Why)

11th July 2019 - Reading Time: 4 minutes

Breadcrumb Trail

Of all the structured data mark-up code that can be applied to a website, one which can have the biggest impact is breadcrumb trail schema. Find out why and how to implement it across your site.

How To: Block Google Analytics Spam from Ashburn and Chicago

4th July 2019 - Reading Time: 4 minutes

Chicago Skyline

You may have seen a spike in traffic with low engagement in Google Analytics which is probably spam. Find out how to spot it, and how to block it.

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