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Last Updated: 05/04/21

Technical SEO Consultant (Not Me) At Work

Now Doing

Back to running 2 x 10k a week since recovering from sciatica - the game changer was this PSO Rite back "massage" tool - lying on it can be excruciating at times, but it really gets stuck into the muscles and gets the blood flowing, can't recommend this highly enough.

Now Working

Developing a site speed audit that focuses on Core Web Vitals.

Now Reading

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things - it's powerfully bleak, love it.

Now Watching

The Godfather of Harlem - 1960s gangster series, 2 episodes in, so far so good.

Now Listening

Updated my workout playlist to get more rock in there.

Now Drinking

Soylent Green DDH Pale 5.6% by Pomona Island is the nicest pale I've had in some time.

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