Dave Ashworth

An SEO Expert And A Specialist In Technical Optimisation
With a professional approach to making websites better for people and better for search engines

Technical SEO Consultant (Not Me) At Work

Helping You Improve Your Website

As a Technical SEO consultant, I help you identify any technical issues that could be affecting your website. Once we know what these are, we can make the improvements and optimisations necessary to help enhance your organic visibility and provide a better experience for your users.

I have a passion for the metrics and practices that drive website performance, and I specialise in improving the quality, the speed and the overall results that a website should provide.

Think Of Me As A Website Mechanic

It's my job to investigate, diagnose and fix any issues that are affecting the performance of your website.

Using specialist tools, two decades of experience and a professional approach, I conduct in-depth audits to uncover the problems a website currently has and assess its current position.

From there, we can review the wider picture and determine the best approach to addressing, correcting and optimising every area – constantly checking a website's health and making the necessary improvements.

A Background In Both Development And Optimisation

With over 10 years' experience in web development followed by 10 years within SEO, I have expertise on both sides of the spectrum.

Having completed a software development degree and built hundreds of websites, I understand how both front and back end of sites as well as how web developers work.

And with 8 years heading up the SEO and website performance team at a prestigious digital agency in Manchester, I know exactly what is required for any website to achieve its full potential.

By bridging that gap between web development and digital marketing, I can identify the larger goals and make sure all teams are working in sync to make a website as strong as it can possibly be.

Individual Approach, Global Reach

Every website is different and every client (and their team) works in different ways. My approach is always professional, individual and flexible, working alongside any department that requires my expertise and support.

Based in Greater Manchester, I work closely with a wide range of agencies in the North West, but have supported businesses all around the UK and further afield.

I have extensive experience working with global ecommerce businesses and those serving markets with multiple languages.

If your website just needs a health check, or it requires a full overhaul and some urgent improvements, I'll get the job done to get you the results you want.

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